Jonas Hamers / ImageGlobe

Many medicines to become cheaper next year

The federal government has approved the health budget for 2020. Health Minister Maggie De Block (Flemish liberal) has announced that patients will pay a total of 58 million less for a whole series of medicines. Another 6.9 million euros have been earmarked to make contraceptive pills free for women below 25 years of age (instead of 21). 

A whole series of medicines will become cheaper, including those to combat osteoporosis, asthma, high blood pressure, epilepsy, Alzheimer, depression and certain types of cancer. 

The federal government will allow women below 25 years of age a complete refund after buying contraceptive pills or other birth control means. The morning-after pill will become free of charge for all women. Maggie De Block thus wants to boost women's access to contraception methods: "We see that at present, there is still a financial barrier."  

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