Vilvoorde Mayor refuses language lessons for man who recruited youngsters for the war in Syria 

The Mayor of Vilvoorde, Hans Bonte, does not want Jean-Louis Denis to follow language courses in his city. Denis left prison last year after having convicted for recruiting youngsters for the war in Syria. 

Jean-Louis Denis could leave prison after 5 years behind bars, and now wants to follow language courses close to the school where he recruited the youngsters. That's a bridge too far for Hans Bonte (socialist), who has refused this. He claims the man still has radicalist ideas. 

Several of these youngsters have died. The Flemish vocational training service VDAB, which ordered Denis to take language courses, will now seek another solution, says Hans Bonte. "If you ask my honest opinion, then he comes to Vilvoorde, exactly the place where he was so successful, partly for provocations."

"It's a mystery to me why he didn't learn Dutch in prison in the first place - he had several years to do this. And his home address is near Londerzeel, which also organises language classes. Why doesn't he follow classes there?"

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