Did you get all your holiday pay?

The Belgian authorities are still looking for 12,700 blue collar workers including many foreign nationals who still haven’t received their holiday pay for 2016.  The RJV, the Belgian annual pay agency, has tried to track these people down themselves, appeals have been launched on social media, but all to no avail.  If those entitled don’t come forward by the end of the year, they will lose any right to the money.

The agency is part of the Belgian social security system and pays out holiday pay to blue collar workers and some artists.  Each year in May or June 1.7 million Belgian blue collar workers receive holiday pay, a bonus to their monthly wages that should allow them to take their families on holiday!

Sometimes the agency has a hard time transferring the cash.  Addresses and account numbers are not always available. The money often belongs to temporary staff from sectors like the hospitality industry where lots of people come and go. Some of the workers are foreign and will now be abroad. Often they are not familiar with Belgian practices. For 2016 2.9 million euros still remains in the kitty.

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