Man builds Hobbit House in East Flanders

Tim, a 29-year-old East Fleming, has built a house that clearly resembles the Hobbit House in the movie “Lord of the Rings”.  The walls have been covered in grass and Tim is living in a space no bigger than 20 square metres.

“Most people focus on what is above ground, but this is wondrous and magical” says Tim, who’s been living underground for a year now.  “It’s a fantastic world with animals and the roots of the trees.”

Tim’s home only lacks the Hobbit House’s round door!

“I was so fascinated by the book when I was twelve” he says.

“It was the first book that really gripped me.  I’m attracted to the magical world.  I had the idea of building a house then but it didn’t happen. This is a childhood dream that has come true.”

“This doesn’t feel like a dark burrow, but a comfy warm place”.

Tim’s house has an oven, a table, a wardrobe, a double bed and a shower.

”We’ve got everything we need inside apart from the loo that is outside!”

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