Visitor makes Nazi salute at former deportation centre

The incident happened when members of Right Wing Resistance visited Fort Breendonk in August.  The fort has a dark history and was used by the Nazis during the Second World War to organise the deportation of resistance fighters, Jews and dissidents on their journey to concentration and death camps. During the visit one of the group’s members made the Nazi salute and even had photos of this taken.

It was last summer that a group belonging to the recently formed Flemish wing of Right Wing Resistance visited the fort.  Right Wing Resistance is a far right organisation founded by Kyle Chapman, a white nationalist from New Zealand and has chapters in Australia, Sweden and Scotland.

What happened has been revealed by research undertaken by VRT News and the daily De Morgen.

It was the son of a former Vlaams Belang lawmaker who made the Hitler salute.  He has been linked to other far right organisations including Voorpost and Generatie Identiteit. Following the blaze at a building that is destined to be used as an asylum centre he wrote on social media: “They would have done better to wait until they were in there.”

The Fort’s management wasn’t aware of the events.  Museum curator Dimitri Roden speaks of a blow to the victims and their relatives: “Half of all those deported didn’t survive. 100,000 people visit the Fort every year.  We’ve never experienced problems like this.”

Lode Nolf of the equal opportunities centre Unia says that making the Nazi salute and posting it on social media is punishable by law. The organisation intends to investigate the matter.

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