Flemish statues salute Belgian Fries’ Week

Belgian fries or chips, they are part of our DNA. Still, the Flemish Centre for Agricultural and Fish Marketing, the VLAM, is eager to promote Belgian fries culture and to mark ‘The Week of the Chippie’ and has enlisted the help of five statues across Flanders.

Even the UN’s culture and education organisation has had to admit it. Belgian Fries’ culture has been recognised as part of the world’s intangible cultural heritage.  This week statues across Flanders will be kitted out with a packet of Belgian fries, just to get us all mouth-watering!

There are strip cartoon heroes Nero, Annemieke and Rozemieke in Middelkerke, Jan Palfijn in Kortrijk, Opsinjoorke in Mechelen, the Kotmadam or’ Landlady’ in Leuven and the Speculaasmannetje or ‘Wee Speculaas Man’ in Hasselt

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