"Be adored in the Ghent Altarpiece" and make your own appearance by becoming Adam and Eve

The Flemish Tourist Board has launched a campaign which attracts the attention: couples can appear in the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb themselves, to take the place of Adam and Eve. The initiative was launched as part of the Van Eyck year in 2020, when Flanders puts one of its most famous painters in the spotlights. 

The Ghent Altarpiece, aka the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, was created in the 15th century and attributed to the Flemish Masters Hubert and Jan Van Eyck. It is now located in the Ghent Sint-Baafs Cathedral. 

The Flemish Tourist Board (Toerisme Vlaanderen) has launched a campaign movie where the naked Adam and Eve have been replaced by present people, as part of the new campaign. "Actually, we have hacked the painting", smiles Stef Gits of Toerisme Vlaanderen.   

Every couple is welcome to participate, including LGBTs, handicapped people, coloured people, those with a different religious orientation etc, underlines the Board. "Anyone can join. It's an ode to love, in all its different forms", says Stef Gits. Those who want to participate, can send a video or photo to the campaign website. And while Adam and Eve are half-naked on the painting, this is not an obligation for those taking part. 

Click on the top photo to play the video and watch some couples who decided to go for it. 

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