Are the efforts of formateur Paul Magnette part of a surrealistic play?

"A bad play, with bad actors": press reports on the government formation

6 months have passed since the elections on 26 May, but there is not even any light at the end of the tunnel where the formation of a new federal government is concerned. The different political pundits in today's newspapers lash out against the different political players in this "bad piece of theatre".

The newspapers highlight the same problem: party supremos are thinking about their own interests first, instead of thinking about our country. Moreover, they don't seem to know what they actually prefer. "The Flemish liberals are hesitating between a coalition with the N-VA, or one without the N-VA, like a couple that is fighting about which colour the walls in the toilet should get", writes Het Laatste Nieuws. 

De Standaard compares the latest developments with a theatre play. "However, it's a bad play, with irritatingly bad actors. " Meanwhile, De Morgen is afraid the stalemate will create an even bigger gap between the people and politics. "However, the situation is simple. We would have the best chance of creating a government with a purple-green coalition (that is: the socialists, liberals and greens without the N-VA)." 

Het Belang van Limburg is talking about "a game of Stratego", Gazet van Antwerpen highlights the lack of a sense of urgency, underlining the fact that the Francophone soialists (PS) can't be missed in any kind of majority. Het Nieuwsblad also highlights the political games: politicians are afraid that any move they make, will cost them votes at a later stage. Meanwhile, nobody exactly knows what the other wants.   

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