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Shooting in Zutendaal (Limburg) as police search for cannabis plants

Police staged house searches in different places across Limburg, including in Wiemesmeer (Zutendaal). Suspects in Wiemesmeer fired shots at the police, but nobody got injured. 

The 19th "Clean House" police action was staged  in Zutendaal, Tongeren, Leopoldsburg and Lanaken. Five plantations were discovered, accounting for a total number of almost 3,900 cannbis plants. Things almost went wrong in Wiemesmeer, where a suspect fired several shots at the police. Nobody sustained injuries.

Two people were found inside the premises: a man and a woman. Both were arrested - six arrests were made at the five different sites. Pieter Strauven of the Limburg judicial authorities says that "this incident shows that an increasing number of these plantations is being managed and protected by criminal gangs that are not afraid of violence." 

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