Nicolas Maeterlinck

Colruyt, Lidl and Aldi provide your cheapest shop

Colruyt is still Belgium’s cheapest supermarket if you compare a basket containing a mix of brand and own brand products a survey conducted by the consumer organisation Test Aankoop reveals. However, Colruyt lowers its prices in places where it feels stiff competition from rival Albert Heijn.

Look at own brands and Lidl and Aldi are still the cheapest.

Test Aankoop’s Simon November explains that Colruyt prices vary according to the area.  They have a lowest price guarantee and set their prices in comparison with their cheapest rival, often Albert Heijn. Colruyts are cheapest near an Albert Heijn.  Colruyt prices can vary up to 5% depending on the locality.

According to Test Aankoop Carrefour Hypermarkets are 12% more expensive than the cheapest Colruyt located near an Albert Heijn.  When there is no competition from Albert Heijn the difference is 7%.

Delhaize and Makro are 17% more expensive than the cheapest Colruyt.  Match is 28% more expensive.

Aldi and Lidl don’t occur in this comparison because they don’t sell many big brands. In a comparison of own brands Lidl is the cheapest followed by Aldi. Colruyt shops near Albert Heijn are 22% more expensive than Lidl,  Carrefour Hypermarkets are 39% dearer, while the figure for Delhaize is 52% more expensive than Lidl.

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