Man with yellow wig attempts to abduct two minors

Police are trying to track down a man suspected of attempting to kidnap two boys in Ronse (East Flanders).  Police are investigating two separate incidents in which a man wearing a tallow wig and sunglasses tried to abduct a minor.

On each occasion the would-be kidnapper attempted to grab hold and abduct two 10 or 11-year-olds. The incidents happened on two Thursdays: 7 and 21 November. One youngster managed to get away of his own accord, while the second escaped as his grandfather witnessed the attempt.

The two youngsters have given detailed descriptions of their attacker.  He is in his thirties and stands 1m70.

East Flemish prosecutors have released a photo fit image and have asked any witnesses to contact a toll-free number: 0800/30300.

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