Two IS women sent back to Belgium

Turkey has put two Belgian IS women on a plane to send them back to Belgium. They had fled from Kurdish camps in Syria and had ended up in Turkey. 

The two are 24-year-old Fatima Benmezian and 31-year-old Rachma Benlezian, two sisters. After ending up in Turkey, they were apprehended. The Turkish authorities have sent them back. Both have been convicted in Belgium already: they got five years on charges of taking part in activities of a terrorist organisation. When they arrive at Brussels Airport, they will be arrested on the spot and taken to prison. 

It's the first time that partners of members of the terrorist organisation IS are being extradited. Earlier, two other IS women managed to escape from their Kurdish detention camp. There are also reports of at least five other Belgian  IS women that managed to flee. It is not clear whether they are in Turkey or not. 

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