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Filip and Mathilde celebrate 20th wedding anniversary: "I thought she had everything, but it's even more"

King Filip and Queen Mathilde are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. For the occasion, they granted our Francophone colleagues of the public broadcaster RTBF a long, open-hearted interview: "He revealed aspects I didn't know, such as his artistic side." 

A first abstract was released a couple of days ago (see below), but more is being released now. 

The king does not often give long interviews. But when he is speaking about his personal life with his wife, he can speak more freely, since what he says does not have to be covered by the government. This resulted in een open conversation. 

"After 20 years, I never imagined it could be like this. Of course, I knew the young girl back then, and I told myself: 'I think she has everything in her'. But in fact, it's even more", King Filip said. He praised his wife: "I want to take advantage of the opportunity to thank her. The people may not realise this, but it's an enormous job." 

 It's a very romantic interview, where the two bring back the memories of 20 years ago. "The celebration was very nice. In the evening, when everything was finished, we left through a secret door to the garden, and we walked on the path like in a fairy tale", said Filip.  (see video above)

"Being at work together, and being a couple at the same time, as well as parents, that's three professions in one. Not easy. It takes coordination skills. But after 20 years we know each others' strong points."

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