Two shootings in Antwerp and a fresh grenade discovery

The Antwerp judicial authorities are investigating three incidents that took place on Thursday night: two shootings and the discovery of a grenade. It is not clear whether the different incidents are connected, but there may be a link with drugs gangs. 

In Merksem, police found a part of a grenade just in front of the damaged façade of an apartment block. In Ekeren, a house was shot at with a machine gun, probably a kalashnikov. A 74-year-old woman who was watching TV inside her house, did not get injured, but detectives say she was lucky: one of the bullets perforated the radiator in the living room.

An investigation has been started for attempted murder. A total of 11 bullets were fired. Maybe a drugs gang made a mistake, targeting the wrong house. 

Another shooting incident took place in Antwerp. A man reached a police station in the Stuyvenbergh area to report he had sustained a gunshot wound. He claimed he had been shot at for no reason. The victim was transported to hospital. An investigation has been started. 

On Friday morning, the body of a man was discovered near the Colruyt discount store in Merksem, close to a motorway exit. There are no details yet about the victim and a possible motive. 

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