What happens with the two IS women who arrived by plane from Turkey?

The two Belgian IS women sent back to Belgium by the Turkish authorities landed on Friday evening, but what happens next? 

The two sisters, aged 31 and 24, were convicted in the past. Both got five years' imprisonment in Belgium and will have to spend time behind bars (both were convicted for taking part in activities of a terrorist organisation). They were apprehended upon their arrival at Brussels Airport. 

However, they have the possibility to appeal against their sentence because they were absent during the trial. This will be discussed with their respective lawyers. If they appeal, the whole trial will have to be done all over again. 

First, the prisons in Antwerp and Bruges, where they will stay, will have to decide which regime they will get. Will they be allowed to have contact with other inmates or not, is just one of the questions to be answered. 

One of the sisters has already been questioned by the judicial authorities, the other one not yet because she is nursing injuries. 

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