What's new on 1 December?

Technical checks for cars above 4 years will become stricter, and cash payments will be rounded off: what's new on 1 December?

  • If you like to pay cash in a shop, take into account that cash payments will be rounded up or down to the nearest 5 eurocent as from now. 10.12 euro will thus become 10.10, while 14.18 will become 14.20 euro. The smallest euro coins of 1 and 2 cents will disappear, but the 5-cent coins will stay. If you pay by bank card or digitally, nothing will change. 
  • If you have to take your car to the annual technical check, make sure your lights are okay. Checks on the lights in particular are becoming stricter, and smaller problems may lead to a red card (in which case you will have to come back), while in the past this was only a remark on your green permit. The stringent checks concern both your normal car lights and the warning lights inside, on your display.
  • Today, the former Belgian PM Charles Michel is taking office as the new European President, while the former Foreign Minister Didier Reynders takes up his seat as Justice Commissioner. 

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