“It’s getting just like in America!”

A gang of 13 youngsters plundered a newsagents in Ternat (Flemish Brabant) on Saturday evening.  The youngsters took everything they could remove with them and fled towards the railway station where a train was about to depart.  Fortunately, an alert guard kept the train at the station until the police could arrive.

The gang have been hanging around Ternat for a while causing a nuisance.  Local mayor Michel Vanderhasselt noticed the youngsters obstructing the pavement on Saturday afternoon and called the police, but the gang returned in the evening to raid a newsagent’s.

The newsagent told reporters: “”These guys were suddenly all in my shop in both aisles. They took crisps, drinks, biscuits, lollies and sweets.  Before I could realise what had happened they were off!”

The gang members had planned to jump on a waiting train.  The newsagent ran after them.  A vigilant train guard noticed what was up.  Police were at the scene in minutes.  They identified some ten individuals and detained them.

“It’s just like in America” said the newsagent.  “We’ve been in the shop for four years and we see it getting worse and worse. There’s no respect anymore.”

The mayor believes the gang hails from the Dender Region and has been causing problems for a while: “They were reported in a park carrying weapons.  Our police will carry out more supervision and I’m getting CCTV installed in the town centre.”


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