“Hideously ugly Christmas tree in Oudenaarde”

Municipal workers in the fair city of Oudenaarde were so unimpressed by the Christmas tree that had been delivered to adorn the main square that within minutes of its arrival the sad tree was put back on its lorry and dispatched to tree heaven.

It came as a blow to the good folk of Oudenaarde who had been awaiting the arrival of this year’s Christmas tree with considerable anticipation.  Part of the main square had been cordoned off so municipal workers would have no problem erecting the tree in its reserved space, but the sad tree came and went within minutes.  Municipal workers judged it was simply too ugly.

“Hideously ugly”.  This is how Neel De Loor of a local brasserie described the spruce. “They tried to sort it by cutting away part of the trunk, but they only made it worse.  Branches kept on falling off”.

For Oudenaarde city fathers this is a major embarrassment.  They have promised to sort the matter forthwith.  “A new specimen must be erected ASAP” said burgomaster Marnic Demeulemeester, who has no plans to cough up any extra cash.  The supplier will have to come up with a new specimen.

Still, in Oudenaarde you will always find people who look on the bright side and can see the joke.  The local hospitality industry has asked the good folk of Oudenaarde to “bring their own” when they visit the market square. Hopefully nobody will turn up with any sad specimens!   

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