Ricardo Smit

Flemish engineers come up with 6 proposals to meet climate goals

A group of experts from the Flemish engineers’ association has formulated proposals intended to make sure Belgium meets international climate goals.  “Keep the country’s youngest nuclear power stations open for longer, introduce a CO2 tax and switch to electricity when it comes to company cars” they say.

Jan Desmet, Professor in electro techniques and the chair of the IE-net group, insists that politicians should look further than the present parliament, at a horizon of up to 30 years ahead. The engineers believe energy is both the cause and the solution of the problem.  They suggest investments should be made in research and development and in training.  Infrastructure too needs to be beefed up.  Investments are needed in the infrastructure required to import, transport and store energy.

They engineers believe the investments should be made as part of long term policy within a European framework.  Urban and countryside planning, renovation, improved mobility and recycling can all help to speed up behavioural changes needed to arrest climate change.

They also favour a minimum CO2 tax on all fossil fuels that should be introduced gradually.


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