Marc Dutroux accomplice released from jail

Michel Lelièvre, the convicted accomplice of Belgian child sex killer Marc Dutroux, has been released after serving 23 years in prison.  Last September a court decided that Lelièvre could serve the rest of his sentence out of prison. 

In 2004 Lelièvre was sentenced to 25 years in prison on charges relating to the abduction of Belgium’s murdered and abducted girls An, Eefje, Sabine and Laetitia. Lelièvre is bound by strict conditions.  If he reoffends or does not comply he will be returned to jail.  He’s been banned from large swathes of eastern and southern Belgium and will now have to take a training course or find work.  He must compensate his victims and is not allowed to contact them.

Lelièvre is being supervised by a judicial assistant, who has to see he meets the conditions of his release and report back to the court. 

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