Nicolas Maeterlinck

Man caught speeding at 213 km/h: "I had to go to the toilet urgently"

A motorist caught speeding at no less than 213 kilometres (132 miles) per hour on the Brussels Orbital Road in Lot, had an original excuse when he had to appear in court. "I had to go to the toilet, urgently."

The man was found speeding on 28 May. Because the offence was so serious, he had to appear before a judge. Together with his lawyer, he presented himself to the police judge in Halle yesterday, claiming that "nature was calling" to account for his excessive speed. 

It is not clear whether he eventually made it to a toilet in time. But he did get a fine worth 1,200 euros, and sees his driving license suspended for two months. On top of that, he will have to redo his theory exam. His lawyer had asked the judge to take into account the man's job: he works for a towing service company and often needs to go out on the road. 

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