Climate goals press conference cancelled: more calculations needed

The Flemish government has postponed a press conference where it was to give more details about efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Journalists that had arrived at the site, were left waiting for hours. 

The Flemish Environment and Energy Minister Zuhal Demir (nationalist) was scheduled to give a press conference on the Flemish climate plan today, with new goals to reach the emission reduction targets. It's a hot potato for Demir's cabinet, since Flanders will not meet its 2020 sustainable energy targets, and maybe it will not be possible to meet the EU's emission reduction demands for 2030 (a 35 percent cut in carbon emissions, at least). 

Journalists that had arrived at the conference room in the late morning, saw nothing but empty seats. They were waiting for several hours while the press conference was postponed various times. After 4 hours, the event was cancelled altogether. A new press conference may be staged on Monday. 

Apparently, the figures are not consistent enough. Demir, who will leave for the Madrid climate conference early next week, said that "I won't go to Madrid without a climate plan." She also referred to the federal government and formateur's Paul Magnette's plan to go for electric company cars in the short run. She said that "Flanders also wants a strong climate plan, but one which is realistic. More taxes are not a good idea." 

I won't travel to Madrid without a climate plan

Zuhal Demir

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