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Suspicious death in Sint-Gillis prison

Sint-Gillis prison in Brussels has been confronted with a suspicious death. The victim was probably killed by another inmate, though this still has to be investigated. 

If it turns out out that the victim has been killed, it would only be the second time that a murder has been committed in a Belgian prison. 

The man's body was discovered yesterday. It was thought that he had committed suicide, or that maybe he had been killed. The latter is now thought to be the most probable option. The main suspect would then be a Dutch inmate who shared the cell with him. The man is behind bars for theft. 

The Brussels judicial authorities are not giving much information: "Since this is a suspicious death, an examining judge has been put on the case. He ordered an autopsy, but this still has to be carried out." 

Murders in Belgian prisons are very rare. Three years ago, an inmate was killed in Lantin, near Liège. However, no other cases were reported in the past 25 years. 

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