Students on average grow 3.6 kilos fatter during their studies

Research at the Brussels University VUB involving 340 students shows that they gain several kilos during their student years, Het Nieuwsblad reports. Male students are gaining more weight than their female counterparts. 

It's no secret that students often don't eat healthy food. Think of a pita as midnight snack. Add the beer and alcohol, soft drinks containing sugar or other quick snacks, like a pizza or a package of chips at the "frietkot" around the corner. 

Tom Dielens of the VUB involved 340 students in his research, with 115 of them taking part until the end (6 measuring moments in 5 years' time). Students on average grow 3.6 kilos fatter. However, this was 5.7 on average for men, and only 2.2 for female students. The increase is biggest in the first year at university or high school. 

Experts cite a change of eating habits when students leave their home and go to live in digs. Students confirm this, and add that they also do less sports activities once their studies begin, because of a lack of time. Tom Dielens warns that students will take this extra weight burden with them for the rest of their lives - if they don't change things after their studies - since their student years are quite crucial in this respect. This can have bad health impacts at a later age. 


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