Four gangsters stage brutal home invasion robbery in Sinaai

A married couple in Sinaai (East Flanders) was left in shock last night after a home invasion robbery. The couple was tied down and locked up, but managed to liberate themselves after half an hour. 

Police in Sint-Niklaas received an emergency call around 10 p.m. last night. A couple had been robbed in the Stenenmuurstraat. Four gangsters entered their house and locked them up in a store next door. The children were locked up in a toilet room. 

Meanwhile, they searched the house but they allegedly did not take many valuable items with them. The man sustained injuries while the woman was in shock. Both managed to liberate themselves after half an hour to alert to police. There is no trace of the assailants, but the judicial authorities are talking of "serious facts" due to the brutality with which the robbery was staged.  

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