Princess Amalia (right) with her parents and two sisters.

And what if... the Dutch princess Amalia falls in love with a Belgian prince?

Princess Catharina-Amalia, the oldest daughter of the Dutch king Willem-Alexander and his spouse Máxima, has turned 16.  It's a typical age to fall in love with a boy, which will be no problem for her parents, as long as it's not a Belgian prince, German websites report. 

The reason is simple: if she would find herself a Belgian prince, there may a problem with the law. Belgian legislation was introduced shortly after the Belgian independence in 1830  - in which Belgium had gained independence from the Netherlands - to state that a marriage between a Dutch and Belgian prince was forbidden.

This decision was driven by fears that Belgium would be reunited with the Netherlands in the case of a Belgo-Dutch marriage. However, considering the present time frame, we can imagine that a possible marriage would no longer be a problem. Photo below: the four children of the Belgian king and queen, with the princes Emmanuel and 16-year-old Gabriël (first and second from left respectively). 

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