The 747 SP, the smaller version of the 747-400.

Sultan of Oman lands at Brussels Airport with... two Boeings 747 (and a third plane)

The Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said al Said has arrived in Belgium for medical treatment in Leuven. The news has been confirmed by the Belgian Foreign Office.  No fewer than three planes were involved in the transport. 

The sultan and his staff landed last night. First, a relatively small Gulfstream 550 touched down. Next followed two Boeings: a 747SP (probably for his staff) and a larger model, a 747-400, which was carrying the sultan himself. 

The Sultan of Oman is 79. He is ill and flew to Leuven to be treated at the local university hospital UZ Leuven. During his stay, he rents a complete hotel in the historic heart of the city, The Fourth. Hundreds of guests that had booked a room there, had to find other accommodation. 

It happens that rich people book a complete floor, to guarantee their privacy, but a complete hotel is quite unique, says Thierry Lemahieu of the Flemish hospitality board Horeca Vlaanderen. "It's a relatively small hotel with 40 rooms. They will have considered the pros and cons before allowing the booking for two months." 

About 'The Fourth'

'The Fourth' is part of the Tafelrond, a set of buildings which also includes the gothic city hall and Saint Peter's Church. It was the home of the National Bank until 2005, when it was bought by businessman Jan Callewaert who turned it into a luxury hotel and restaurant. 

A complete floor, this happens. But a complete hotel? This is quite unique

Michiel Jelijs (CC BY 2.0)

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