Ghent bans most polluting cars from city centre

Starting 1 January 2020 the most polluting cars will no longer be able to drive into Ghent. Locals can apply for a scrappage grant to allow them to purchase a less-polluting car.

It was three years ago that the decision was taken to introduce a low emission zone in order to improve air quality. Polluting cars are responsible for soot particle emissions that are bad for our health.  The most polluting cars will be banned from the area bounded by the city ring road.

The least polluting cars will be able to enter the area free of charge.  Other polluting cars will have to pay. The most polluting are banned. Six fixed cameras on the main entry roads will scan number plates entering the low emission zone. The number plates will be used to identify the most polluting vehicles. Nine extra cameras will be installed next year.

Mobile cameras will be used too to ensure that motorists don’t try to avoid the main check points. Fines of up to 150 euros will be issued starting 1 February. In January offenders will receive a warning.

Drivers of Derv-fuelled cars in the Euro 4 category can get access following payment.  Derv-fuelled Euro 3 and lower will require a day pass, while a day pass is also needed for petrol-fuelled cars in the Euro 1 category and older.

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