Mr Magnette asks to be relieved of his duties as Informateur

The leader of the Francophone Socialist Party Paul Magnette has asked King Filip to be relieved of his duties as Federal Informateur. Mr Magnette did so as he presented a final report of the work that he has done over the past 5 weeks at an audience with the Belgian Head of State at the Royal Palace in Brussels on Monday afternoon. 

The King is to reserve making a decision on whether to accept Mr Magnette’s request and has started a round of consultative talks with leaders of the various political parties. First up were the leader of the Francophone liberals Georges-Louis Bouchez and the leader of the Flemish liberals Gwendolyn Rutten.     

The King appointed Mr Magnette as Informateur five weeks ago. Initially he said that he would work on content. However, gradually it became more and more clear that he was working to try and pave the way to the construction of a liberal-socialist-green coalition, possibly with the Flemish Christian democrats to broaden its majority.    

Mr Magnette’s way of working made the Flemish nationalists feel as though they were being sidelined. The Flemish Christian democrats fell ignored and the right of the Flemish liberal party was not enthusiastic at the prospect of going into a coalition made up predominantly of parties of the centre-left.

King Filip has launched a round of consultative talks with the various party leaders. In the meantime, he will reserve making a decision on Mr Magnette’s request.

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