Delfine Persoon turns amateur in the hope of Olympic glory

The boxer Delfine Persoon has put in a request for amateur status in order for her to be able to compete at next year’s Olympic Games in the Japanese capital Tokyo. From 1 January 2020 the West Fleming will officially become an amateur. This means that she won’t be able to avenge her defeat earlier this year against the Irish boxer Katie Taylor.    

Although strictly speaking turning amateur isn’t necessary for her to be able to compete in Tokyo as a profession Delfine Persoon would have needed to have been available for selection by the Royal Belgian Boxing Association before 30 September this year.

The rules for amateur boxing are applicable at the Olympic Games. In amateur boxing the fights are much shorter and many professional boxers aren’t interested in competing. Furthermore those professional boxers that do compete are withdrawn from the WBC rankings for two years. This means that they are unable to compete for a world title.   

Delfine Persoon’s last professional fight was in Ostend on 11 November when she beat the Nigerian Helen Joseph.

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