11 year boy killed by lorry while walking to school

An 11-year-old has been knocked down and killed by a lorry in the East Flemish city of Aalst. The accident happened at around 8am on Wednesday morning on a car park on the Alfred Nichelsstraat. The circumstances surrounding the accident are currently the subject of an investigation. The driver of the lorry is reported to be in shock. He tested negative for both alcohol and drugs.      

Katrien Ottevaere of the Aalst Local Police Service told journalists that “It is not yet clear whether the  accident happened on the car park or in the street. According to our initial information the boy was first standing in front of a stationary lorry. The vehicle started up and the child was run over”.

The boy died at the scene. The Judicial Authorities have appointed a traffic accident investigation expert to looking to what exactly happened.

The Judicial Authorities Spokeswoman Caroline Jonckers told journalists that "The lorry driver is a 31-year-old Polish national that tested negative for alcohol and drugs. He was in shock”.  

The driver is reported to have not noticed the boy. The 11-year-old was out with his mother and his sister.

CCTV images of the area will be examined in order to shed light on the circumstances surround the accident.

Local residents have long complained about what they say are dangerous traffic conditions around the car park that is part of a starch processing factory site in the centre of Aalst.

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