15 people detained in police anti-drugs operation

15 people have been detained after 14 properties were searched in several Brussels municipalities and in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Wezembeek-Oppem and the Walloon Brabant municipality of La Hulpe. More than 2,500 cannabis plants have been seized. Those detained will be question before the end of the day.    

The properties were searched as part of a large-scale anti-drugs operation 7 cannabis plantations containing a total of 2,586 plants were discovered during the raids. In addition to this 14 kg of cannabis that was ready for use was also found. The police also seized 4 cars and a large sum of cash.         

The 15 people that were detained were questioned by police during the course of the afternoon. It is now up to an Examining Magistrate to decide whether or not they should remain in custody. 

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