“EC climate plans built on castles in the air”

The former Belgian finance minister and current MEP Johan Van Overtveldt  (Flemish nationalist) has castigated the European commission’s climate plans. Confronted with the commission’s new Green Deal Mr Van Overtveldt says that it is not financially costed.  He urges the commission to be less ambitious but more precise.

On Wednesday the commission unveiled new goals: to make the bloc carbon neutral by 2050.  In order to achieve this CO2 emissions need to be cut by up to 55% and not the present goal of 40%.

Flanders’ climate plan only envisages a 32.6% cut by 2030. Mr Van Overtveldt shares the scepticism of Flemish environment minister Demir (nationalist) and rejects a bidding war for 40%, 50% or 55% cuts.

“The plan put to the European Parliament on Wednesday is particularly vague.  It’s high time we had precise and affordable measures.”

Mr Van Overtveldt adds that the commission’s plans lack credibility.  He points to the cost.  The annual EU budget stands at around 170 billion euros.  For this plan up to 270 million euros is required. “Nowhere is this explained” he adds.

“The Flemish climate plan envisages a cut in CO2 emissions of up to 33%.  It’s very precise.  I prefer a little less ambition and more precise measures rather than directives that are not clear and go in all directions.”


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