Electric bikes: new road sign in Antwerp

The City of Antwerp has installed the first road signs urging cyclists and especially those using an electric bike to moderate their speed.

The busy cycling path connecting Antwerp Central Station and the suburb of Berchem got the honour of welcoming the first sign posts.  Antwerp city council says that cyclists should take greater account of one another. Because different types are being used on the same roads and cycling speeds can differ widely.  This is triggering dangerous situations.

City cabinet minister Koen Kennis (Flemish nationalist): “We want people to adapt their speed to that of the other cyclists on the cycling path. Many people forget that cyclists aren’t allowed to drive faster than cars.  If you’re in a Zone 30 this also applies to cyclists.”

The Cyclists’ Association has welcomed the new signs but insists the city should continue to invest in broader cycling paths that can be used by everybody.

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