VRT to finance research chairs at two Flemish universities

From 2020 the VRT will finance two research chairs, one at Ghent University and the other at Brussels Dutch-Medium Free University (VUB). The decision the establishment of the research chairs by the VRT comes as answer to the call by the Flemish Media Minister Benjamin Dalle (Christian democrat) to invest in scientific innovation.    

The plan to establish the two research chairs was announced on Thursday by the VRT’s CEO Paul Lembrechts. Mr Lembrechts was speaking at the Media Fast Forward congress in Brussels.   

The VRT has organised Media Fast Forward as “a festival of inspiration for the Flemish media, technology and innovation industries”. Around a thousand people are expected to attend the congress that is being held in The Egg in Brussels.  

The central theme this year is polarisation. Research carried out by the VRT indicates that the tendency to think in terms of “us and them” is on the on the increase in our society.   

Mr Lembrechts opened the event on Thursday morning. In his speech he spoke about the VRT’s vision of Flemish society and our organisation’s task as a public service broadcaster.

The establishment of two research Chairs came at the end of the speech.

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