Nicolas Maeterlinck

Knokke: no wife-beaters on the promenade, no hot meals on the beach

The city authorities in the jet-set seaside resort of Knokke (West Flanders) have taken draconian action.  In future beach bars will only be allowed to serve seventeen cold and clearly described dishes.

Pizza and toasties are off the menu at beach bars in Knokke-Heist next summer. The city authorities have now handed the 24 beach bars a precise list of the cold food that they will be allowed to serve. The decision’s been taken to prevent the beach bars from competing with eateries on the front.

Head for Knokke beach if you can be satisfied by crisps, olives, and a couple of nuts or some chunks of cheese.  Sausages remain on the menu too as do sandwiches, Serrano and Parma ham and Italian salamis.  Splash out on some Parma ham with melon or salmon on toast, but for proper hot meals you will have to head elsewhere.

Hilde Landschoot of Knokke Beach explains that only very limited dishes are being allowed: tapas, a sandwich or some salmon on toast.

“Personally I think this is a bit excessive.  The 24 vendors affected are being punished because a handful went to excess and that is to be regretted”.

Music too has been banned after some flouted rules on quieter music.  Mayor Lippens: “If everybody kept to the rules, there wouldn’t have to be a ban, but they will not listen.”

Earlier Knokke announced nuisance fines for anybody on the seafront wearing only a wife-beater or swimming costume. 

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