Molenbeek bans hate preacher

The Brussels borough of Molenbeek has banned Jean-Louis Denis from entering the municipality for a month.  Denis is described as a hate preacher.  Molenbeek Mayor Catherine Moureaux (Francophone socialist) says Denis has been seen in youth circles in the municipality and is still preaching hatred.

Denis served 5 years in jail following a conviction on charges of spreading jihadist propaganda. Prosecutors accused him of indoctrinating youngsters he met at food distributions and of recruiting them to go and fight in Syria.

Denis lives in Londerzeel (Flemish Brabant).  In prison he spent time in a deradicalisation centre but the local mayor is still concerned.  “Security services have told me he has become even more radicalised in jail and I’m worried” says Nadia Sminate (Flemish nationalist).

Denis was arrested in 2012 during riots following an incident involving a woman who refused to remove her full face veil, when asked by the police.

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