Sultan of Oman’s treatment concluded

Doctors at Leuven University Hospital have halted their treatment of the Sultan of Oman.  The decision to end the treatment was a mutual one hospital sources say.

The Sultan arrived in Belgium last weekend for what was described as protracted treatment at the hospital UZ Gasthuisberg.  The treatment has now been halted and the sultan has returned home far sooner than anticipated.

The sultan was staying at a four star hotel on Leuven’s main market square, The Fourth.  He booked the entire hotel and guests who had already booked were told to make other arrangements.  The hotel hadn’t been taking any new reservations till February.

On its website UZ Gasthuisberg records that the sultan expressed his appreciation for the service that he received at the hospital.

Police were only informed of the sultan’s departure on Thursday night.  The delegation was escorted to Brussels Airport early on Friday, where a delegation spokesman expressed gratitude for the hearty welcome at Leuven.

@ Michel Vandaele

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