Two die lonely death in Bruges

In less than a month two people were found dead in their homes.  They had died natural deaths, but had been dead for several weeks dying a lonely death.

Mayor of Bruges Dirk De Fauw: “It’s particularly sad to witness this again, despite our action plan against loneliness.  I call on everybody to be vigilant.  If there hasn’t been any movement at the neighbours and it seems abnormal, call the police.”

On Wednesday a landlord sounded the alarm.  He hadn’t seen his 40-year-old tenant for weeks and nobody answered the door.  The body of the man from Estonia, who had been living in Bruges for years, was discovered in a state of advanced decomposition.

A month ago the body of a Senegalese national, who was living in Bruges, was found in his home after a concerned neighbour called the police.  He had been dead for weeks.

The deaths rekindle memories of 2017 when in the summer the bodies of three people were found in their homes.  They had been dead for between ten and thirty days.

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