Cyber security firm finds security issues with Barco’s ClickShare system

The Finnish cyber security company F-Secure says that there are security issues with the West Flemish technology company Barco’s popular ClickShare presentation programme. According to F-Share, hackers can use the system to get their hands on sensitive and confidential information. Barco has carried out an update to the system in order to resolve the lion’s share of the issues raised.    

ClickShare is one of Barco’s most successful products. It is a wireless system that allows people to share information from various devices (tablet, smartphone, PC…) on a screen during a presentation. Due to the popularity of system F-Secure decided to test how secure it was. Tests were carried out over a period of several month.     

The cyber security experts that carried out the tests found a number of weaknesses in ClickShare’s security. For example “Those carrying out a cyber-attack can use these weaknesses to intercept and manipulate information during presentations and to steal pass words and open “back doors” to install malware”, F-Secure says.    

Certain attacks can be carried out remotely if a device is using standard settings. In order to make use of other vulnerabilities in the system physical access is required. In certain circumstances an experienced hacker that has gained physical access to offices where a presentation is being held by, for example, pretending to be a cleaner, could compromise a device in no time.      

In a reaction Barco says that it carried out an update of the ClickShare’s firmware last week in order to block the holes in the system’s security.

However, F-Secure claims that despite the update not all security issues have been resolved. Barco responds that since last week’s update hackers can only get their hands on information if they are able to physically “mess around” with the electronics in a base unit.

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