Thieves make off with thousands of euro in Tervuren petrol station robbery

Thieves handcuffed and tied up the owner of a petrol station in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Tervuren before making off with thousands on euro in cash in a robbery early on Monday morning. The owner of the petrol station was tied up and in the cellar. The thieves also took lottery scratch cards and cigarettes. They are currently still on the run.    

The robbery happened at around 4:45 am at the Q8 patrol station on the Leuvense Steenweg in Tervuren. The owner of the petrol station was putting out Christmas tree that he was hoping to sell when she was grabbed by the robbers.  

He was taken to the cellar of the petrol station where he was handcuffed. The man was also hit several times on the back of the head, probably with the handle of a gun.

The robbers took cash, cigarettes and lottery scratch cards with a total value of several thousand euro.   

The robbers were able to get away and are currently still on the run. The police and the Judicial Authorities have launched an investigation. The victim was found by his brother around an hour after the robbery. He was taken to hospital for treatment. 

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