Bulgarian gang that sold stolen goods online detained

The Antwerp Federal Judicial Police have detained the members of a Bulgarian gang that stole tools from building sites to sell on website specialised in second-hand goods.  

The Antwerp Federal Judicial Police carried out a number of property searches on Monday in Antwerp. The property searches were carried out as part of an investigation into the activities of a group of Bulgarian nationals suspected of having been involved in the theft of tools from building sites and from vans used by those working in the construction industry. The thefts took place at locations the length and breadth of Belgium.      

During the property searches, the police found 2,000 stolen tools, a quantity of cash and a number of vehicles, all of which were confiscated. In June of this year a further 550 stolen tools were found when a property linked to one of the suspects was searched by police. The members of the gang sold the stolen goods on websites specialised in the sale of second-hand goods.  The police will now set about returning the seized tools to their rightful owners.

A total of 8 suspects were detained. 5 of them will remain in custody for the time being.

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