Food for Sultan of Oman’s delegation given to Leuven’s needy

All the around 70 members of the Sultan of Oman’s entourage returned home from the Flemish Brabant city of Leuven on Monday. The Sultan himself returned to Oman on Friday after having received medical treatment at Leuven University Hospital. The Sultan and his entourage had booked the four star The Fourth hotel on Leuven’s Grote Markt until the end of next month. 

Their early departure meant that the hotel had a large quantity of food that it had bought to feed the Sultan and his 70-strong entourage for the duration of their stay. It has now been decided that this will be given to the charity Poverello.

The charity’s volunteers run a meeting place on Leuven’s Sint-Martinusstraat where around 100 of the city’s needy can go and eat a meal for an affordable price.     

The hotel says that it is very happy about the Sultan and his delegation’s stay. The Fourth says that it is also pleased with the stance taken by other hotels in Leuven that took on guests that were due to stay at The Fourth but were unable to do so because the Sutan had booked the entire hotel.

The hotel will remain closed until the end of January and will use this period to carry out maintenance work. 

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