Police to set up rapid response team to counter cyber attacks

In future the police will be able to react more quickly if key installations such as nuclear power stations, banks or large companies come under cyberattack. Tuesday’s edition of the financial daily ‘De Tijd’ reports that a Quick Reaction Force is to be set up to help thwart cyber criminals. 

However, the setting up of the new specialist team doesn’t mean that any new police officers will be recruited. The team will be made up of detectives that are already specialised in cybercrime. The members of the new team won’t all operate from the same office, but will work together to take swift action in the event of a cyberattack.

The Interior Ministers in Belgium’s minority caretaker federal government told the paper that “In every local police service area there is at least one person that will have to keep tabs on these kinds of cyberattacks. A structure has now been created within which attacks can be brought under control, stopped and the source of the attack traced. These are specialised detective that will work together in a pool”.  

The team will not be used to counter all forms of cybercrime but rather for incidents that would have big consequences for our country’s security”.

Mr De Crem says that in future greater efforts will be made to thwart online criminals.

"We have worked out an approach together with the Federal Police. When we recruit new officers we will redouble our efforts to find people with specific profiles that can help us in the fight against cybercrime”.  

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