“For the fatso at table no. 1”

A customer at a brasserie in Antwerp couldn’t believe her eyes when she scanned her bill.  It listed one of the items as being for the “unbelievable fatso at table 1”.

Shocked by what happened Nadia posted her bill on social media. 

“A bill like this is unacceptable” says Matthias De Caluwe of the hospitality industry federation Horeca Vlaanderen. “The proprietor should apologise and deal with their staff”.

“Enterprising in a hospitable fashion is a basic rule in our sector.  Even if this was an internal message intended for the kitchen it’s not acceptable.  I expect the waitress will get a talking to from the proprietor.  Going by the bill a female student was responsible. The proprietor must clamp down hard on such behaviour and apologise.”

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