Rail strike: a third of services running on Thursday

Two of Belgium’s rail unions are holding a 24-hour strike.  Rail services will be affected until 10PM on Thursday. One in three services is currently running.

The socialist and liberal unions are seeking a 1.1% wage increase mirroring raises in the private sector.  They are also eager to retain the 36-hour working week.  The Christian union supports these demands too but isn’t on strike.

Belgian rail has modified its schedule.  Half of all IC services should be running as well as a third of all local services.  Most special commuter services have been cancelled. The rail company warns the travelling public that some smaller stations won’t receive any service today.

The rail company is focusing on getting IC services between major cities to operate.  Commuter services are not a priority.  It urges the travelling public to stay abreast of services via its app, the website and social media.

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