Shooting opposite Bart De Wever’s in Antwerp

Up in Antwerp a shooting has taken place in a block of flats situated opposite the home of Flemish nationalist leader Bart De Wever, who also doubles as the Mayor of Antwerp.  Shots were fired at two homes.

An eye witness alerted the police around 4:45 AM.  It’s unclear who or what exactly was being targeted.  Traces of gunfire can be seen on a first floor window opposite Bart De Wever’s.

Two other houses were targeted with gunfire two hundred meters further along in the Van Steenlandstraat.  Police have cordoned off the area.

Federal police are probing links with drug trafficking.  Settling of accounts in drug trafficking circles have been blamed for numerous shootings in the northern port city of late.

Mr De Wever is entrusting all communication to the public prosecutor’s office as is customary his spokesman Johan Vermant says.  “The mayor heard the shots, but his situation is no different from that of all the other Antwerpians who have experienced this in their area.”

A third shooting in the same neighbourhood is also being investigated.

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