Letter stamped with fruit stickers arrives on time, while a letter stamped with postage stamps doesn’t

There was no little surprise among a family from Rekkem in West Flanders. Grandmother Rita sent her grandson a card to mark the Feast of Saint Nicolas, two weeks ago on 6 December. As of yet the card that was sent by priority post still hasn’t arrived. Earlier this week the pensioner send a letter to her daughter and franked it with two stickers she had taken off kiwi fruit. Low and behold the letter arrived the next day.       

The family can’t believe that a letter franked with fruit stickers arrived while a letter franked correctly with a postage stamp did not.  

“It was a test”

The family told VRT Radio 2 West Flanders that "We were sending our Christmas card. We wanted to send them on time as a Saint Nicholas card we sent to our grandson in Houthulst still hasn’t arrived and we sent it priority post”.   

They decided to carry out a test. “Every year we send a Christmas card to our daughter that lives next door. We normally just drop it in the letter box, but this time we thought we’d try something different. We stuck two fruit stickers on it and posted it. The following day it arrived at our daughter’s home and had been stamped with a Charleroi post mark”, the family told the VRT .     

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