Hilde De Windt

Police warn of telephone calls from Poland: “Don’t answer and block the number”

The police have warned that Polish fraudsters have found a way of defrauding money out of unsuspecting Belgians. The criminals call Belgian mobile phones but ring off before the owner of the phone has a chance to answer. Their plan is to get people to call back in the believe that they have a missed called.    

Now police have issued a warning not to call back numbers beginning with +48 94. Those that do so end up paying through the noise as the number is a premium rate line with very high charges.  

In a press statement the police say that it is very important that anyone that has received a call from a number starting with +48 94 block the number immediately. Those that have called the number back can best check how much the call has set them back via their provider’s app or by calling their provider’s customer service department.   

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