Has American bullfrog invaded Port of Antwerp?

There are indications that the American bullfrog has arrived in the Port of Antwerp.  Environmentalists are worried because the American bullfrog loves to eat other amphibians and its arrival could deplete indigenous species.

The American bullfrog doesn’t belong in Flanders.  It’s an enormous frog and dominates most other species of amphibians.  Environmentalists at the Institute for Nature and Forest are worried: “We are developing new techniques to detect rare species in good time.  It’s in this way that we discovered indications the voracious American bullfrog had arrived in the Port of Antwerp”.

No American bullfrogs have yet been detected with the naked eye.  Researcher Rein Brys says 100% certainty is still lacking: “It’s quite possible a heron ate an American bullfrog and then defecated in one of the pools in the port.  Still, the fact that we saw the same signals twice is worrying.  If the American bullfrog is still there in the spring, we need to eradicate it.”

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